The Poets Dream

~The Poets Dream~

Soon winter will be upon us.

One can feel the cool Canadian breeze in the air today.

In a few days the leaves will all turn brown and fall to the ground.

Autumn and spring become the stepping stones to the unseen.

A time to be born,

A time to die,

Many sit around the camp fire asking why.


Guitar player,

Ancient warrior of wisdom,

Play your soft chords that lead the chosen to discover

And re-discover reason.

Some of us commit treason,

Others ride the tide from season to season,

We will return again.


The clouds faces are tucked away in the corners of my mind.

The sun beams through the spaces like a flashlight

Violently searching the night.

My body explodes into the heart of the sun.


Floating through the clouds,

The memories come rushing back to meet me now.

Of you and me and how happy we used to be.

Rising up to that space between earth and heaven, I had a dream.

I had a dream of a place where people walk safely down the street,

Everyone has enough to eat,

No one ever misses a beat.

A place where the waves always reach the shore

And no one kills the children anymore.


Hold on to the dream,

Hold on to the dream…


What She Has Done (For Her)

~What She Has Done~

She opened the door and was blinded by the rising sun.

Knowing that one day she will be gone,

She looks around and asks herself – “in the end, what will I have done?”

There is so much to be said,

But I am just one voice.

What will I have done?

In the end, it boils down to choice,

Even though we are one voice.

Together we can sing loud enough to awake the Gods,

Cause mountains to crumble

And make the most disciplined musician stumble.


All she wants in this world is to be heard.

What will I have done?

She bends down and looks into the eyes of her only son.

What and inspiration!

What a destination!

What a beautiful creation!


She opens the door and is blinded by the setting sun.

Knowing that one day she will be gone,

A tear rolls down her cheek as she bends down and stairs into the eyes

Of the beauty of what she has done.


Turn and Walk Away

~Turn and Walk Away~

After shaking hands for the last time,

He slowly turned and walked away,

Knowing that another legacy was born

And another part of the present is now a part of the past.


On each occasion it was time to say goodbye.

Goodbye to old friends gone astray

And start a new life after leaving the always lingering

Hallways behind.


‘t is the day to say fare the well.

A day to cry and say goodbye to a first love.

The couple strode out of the building,

Embraced and turned to walk away.

Goodbye to the street lights that lit the paths of your hometown.

The emptiness opens its door.

Seeing visions of childhood play,

He turned and walked away.


And now it is time to settle down, say hello.

Find love, live life, raise a family.

He will always remember the final smiles,

The endless handshakes,

The hard times and the easy times.

They will be remembered with love.

So here’s to all of you!

Seeing visions of a life that has passed,

He turned and walked away.


Lying Upon the Beams (of Life)

~Lying Upon the Beams (of Life)

In the isolated remains inside the dimensions of my soul

Lays a strength to carry on,

To an eternity I am off.

The curtain hangs low over my existence,

For I have become a man of surrounded dreams,

Body lying upon the beams of life awaiting my turn,

Awaiting my future.

For my eyes, they may be blind, but I can hear and feel the wasted years,

Unnecessary tears,

Unwanted fears,

How I enjoyed the depression of those years!


As the birds nest by the lake,

I start to awake, catching the smell of this fresh, new day.

I pray that the sun will never sink

And people will think.

Think about life, all the climbs and dives.


So hello to you,

It’s good to see you again.

To laugh, to cry,

To remember and forget.

It is good to once again pretend that the gold lies around the next bend,

For I see you my friend.




You Can Call It A Sad Song

Before I release this, I have to say a few words about it. I am not a very political guy. Not left. Not right. Centered I’d say. I am an artist, however, and I see and feel what’s going on around me and beyond. I wrote this piece in 1991. I was going through some of my old stuff recently when I found this. Suddenly it dawned on me how relevant it is today. That saddened me extremely, because it was 27 years ago! I’ll leave an after thought…

~You Can Call It A Sad Song~

The world, the world,

I am concerned for our world.

Confusion in our streets, among our people.

Which is which, who is who?

What happened to right and wrong?

You can call it a sad song.


And there’s a falling across the sea’s.

After only a few months of the certain death of socialism and communism,

Suddenly, it lives again.

At least the wall still falls in Germany!


As the clock slowly ticks away,

Here in the U.S.A. we begin a new day.

It’s 1991 and the times, they have changed.

By 2060 we will have lost the world we built and worked and fought and died for.

The day after day struggle to preserve the heritage we once knew is fading away.

And you can call it a sad song.


The trees are all dying.

The rain forests are turning to desert sand,

Becoming a wasted land.

Winter, spring, summer, fall –

Who can tell the difference anymore?

With no more room to put our garbage,

It lines our streets and fills our oceans.

So you can call it a sad song,

But I say “united we stand, divided we fall!”


…So there it is. Does that sound familiar. Shortly after I wrote that it felt like we, as a people, united again. Maybe it was because we had a moment of peace after the Gulf war and until 9/11? After 9/11 we definitely united. Everyone had an American flag flying in front of their house and on their cars.  Mine still flies.

I ask you, what is going on? Underneath it all, are we not Americans? It pains me to see so much division. I feel like it is not leading to good places.  Can we lay it all down? I thought we had gotten beyond race and origin.  It’s all B.S. to me.  We must not judge a person by the color of their skin, or the country they came from! We can only judge a person by their heart and their values. Nothing else matters, does it? You are either a good person or a bad person. It’s all about love. That’s it. So let’s get back to being one.

**Please feel free to leave a comment. Let’s start a discussion. One by one, we can make a difference!