~Bliss Within the Mist~

We are not seeking the greener side of the grass,

For it is the grass itself that we seek.

In the rear view mirror can be seen the city,

Ugly, dark and bleak.

Ahead can be seen a mountain town filled with history and class.


It is here we search for a new life.

Here are new friends to find.

There is nothing left to remind us of how life was so unkind.

It is here we find peaceful bliss within mist.


Trees all around,

Streams rapidly flowing by at feet,

Lakes filled with desert love.

Mountains so high they are able to touch the sky.

The only object is the many trees.

Fields and fields of cancer and loss of reality.

No sound, except the singing bee’s

And the animals running through this land of beauty

With a passion for individuality.


A land where peace and quiet stand out.

A land build for longtime  meditation.

Sitting at a warm fire, beneath a blanket of stars,

Having cold remembrances of how hard life used to be.

Slowly a tear falls.

It is here we find peaceful bliss within the mist.



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