Dream Sequence

~I Saw My First Love In A Dream~

I saw my first love late last night in a dream,

Our dark silhouettes danced beneath the light of the

Forgiven moon.

In my dreams I see her often,

Laughing or standing at a distance with a fulfilling smile –

Beautiful red hair blowing in the wind.

For in my dreams she will stay

And in my heart she will always be mine.

Red is the sky of a winters dawn,

The sign of a new beginning of conscious reality.

Sometimes there is nothing more to react on

Than a dream,

A silent, hard driven machine.

White is the sandy beach

Where we will lie and soak up the summers sun.

Fierce are the waters waves.

Hard and uncertain, we will ride them to the end

And look back over the ocean.

A placid image that will last forever;

For I saw my only true love late last night in a dream.



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