For I Will Be

~For I Will Be~

I’m Crying at you mindless people,

For you’ve shattered my soul,

Torn me apart from leg to arm,

Left me down, confused and without answers,

Only prayers.

I’m laughing at you mindless people,

For you’ve shown me your stupidity.

Left me without trust and faith.

Dropped me in a circle, at to which only I contain and remain.

I’m left in mindful wonders, oh mindless people;

For you’ve shown me your ignorance.

Leave me to live my own life,

I am not your silver duplicate!

My destiny is not yours to see.

For I will be the tallest mountain that you’ll ever see,

The strongest power that you could never be,

For I will be me!

JvLs 04/84

**Authors Note: If that takes you back to your youth, remembering a time when you had an argument with your parents over something, maybe not letting you go to a party, or not letting you hanging out with certain friends – good. Because that’s what is was about. I was mad at my parents over something I don’t remember now. I was expressing my dominance, my strength. Letting them and the world know that I am going to be me. And I’m happy to say, I am. And if you’re a kid struggling to find your independence, trying to find yourself, I promise, you will.  Keep you head up. Do the right things and NEVER stop chasing YOUR dreams!


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