A Time

~A Time~

A time to be alone.

A time to think,

To be free.

A time to watch the sun slowly rise,

To sit within its warmth.

A time to feel joy for this new day.

A time to wallow in the sun’s rays,

To remember and forget all past days.

A time to feel the Earth bennieth your feet,

Far away from any cities grime.

A time to feel the wind blow

And let that same wind carry you soul far away

From any suburban street.

A time to not know of a single crime.

To live on the clock of the Lord,

Note by note, chord by chord;

For I will be yours if you will be mine.

A time to be alone.

A time to think,

To be free.

A time to watch the sun slowly set.

To grab the hand of this day so nearly gone

And try to pull it back.

A time to sit amongst the moon and stars,

To think about life, love, the afterlife

And all that lies in between.

With eyes fixed on the night sky like a movie screen,

It is a time to quietly await the next scene;

Ah, life is but a dream.

Clip after clip, we search the seas for our distant ship.

A time to listen to the sweet sounds of Mother Natures harmony,

To hear the birds sing amongst the trees of summer.

To feel the thunder of the waterfall

And to be a part of the rushing water heading down stream.

A time for freedom.

A time to pinpoint what myself and this beautiful world really mean.

To discover how far is too far,

To see how deep is too deep,

To build a ladder to the sky and find out how high is too high.

A silent time to just sit and figure it all out.

A time… to rediscover me.

JvLs 04/91


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