Killing Floor

~Killing Floor (The War Cry Of People Peace)~

People crying,

There are people in the streets dying;

Torn apart inside because we simply are not trying

Out here on this killing floor.

A mother looks for her son through the tears in her eyes.

Falls to her knees, the riot was long since done.

She lost her son who went out into the night to have some fun.

Mother suckles her dead innocent,

Cries for love; but has none.

We simply don’t care out here on this killing floor.

A new decade is growing ever so near,

For this I cry in fear.

Newly lit candle grow dim,

Soon to die out.

We’ve worked so hard to just fade away;

Left to die on this bloody killing floor!

This is the resurrection of the sleepless mind,

Tired and waiting.

Before I slip into my final sleep I want to hear the serpents

War cry of people peace.

To dance in the garden of simplicity,

Stand proud and tall before the grave of stupidity;

Ravage the soul so drenched with blood,

Dance on fire until the end.



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