Lying Upon the Beams

~Lying Upon the Beams (of Life)~

 In the isolated remains inside the dimensions of my soul

Lies a strength to carry on,

To an eternity I am off.

The curtain hangs low over my existence,

For I have become a man of surrounded dreams,

Body lying upon the beams of life awaiting my turn;

Awaiting my future.

For my eyes they may be blind, but I can hear

And feel the wasted years,

Unnecessary tears,

Unwanted fears;

How I enjoyed the depression of those years!

As the birds nest by the lake,

I start to awake, catching the smell of this fresh – new day.

I pray that the sun will never sink

And people will think.

Think about our lives,

All the climbs and dives.

So hello to you,

It’s good to see you again.

To Laugh, to cry,

To remember and forget.

It is good to once again pretend that the gold

Lies around the next bend,

For I see you my friend.



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