Dream Sequence Continued

~The Poets Dream~

Soon winter will be upon us.

One can feel the cool Canadian breeze in the air today,

For in a few days the leaves will turn brown

and fall to the ground.

Autumn and spring become the stepping stones for the unseen.

A time to be born, a time to die,

Many sit around the fire asking why.

Guitar player,

Ancient warrior of wisdom,

Play your soft chords that lead the chosen

To discover and rediscover reason.

Some of us commit treason,

Others ride the tide from season to season –

We will return again.

Captured over the bridge of circumstance,

Will I ever be free again?

Without will, little knowledge, not a choice;

Love me said the calm, whispering voice.

My body is being swallowed by the sun.

I run and I run

Hoping to catch up with the fun,

But the deed is done,

The line is cast

As I am hooked by all my past.

With the clouds faces tucked away in the corners of my mind,

The sun beams through the empty spaces like a flashlight

Violently searches the night,

My body explodes into the heart of the sun.

Floating through the clouds

The memories come rushing back to meet me now.

Of you and me and how happy we used to be.

Rising up to the space between the heavens,

I had a dream.

I had a dream of a place where people walk safely down the street,

Where everyone has enough to eat,

Where no one ever misses a beat.

A place where the waves always reach the shore

and no one kills the children anymore.

I desperately try to hold onto the dream,

Hold on to the dream…

JvLs 01/96


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