St. Valentines Day Post

~My Lonely Heart Calls~

Once again Autumn falls and betrays the hearts of the children

who stood playing in the streets.

The cold, unforgiving wind blows hard against their face,

like a knife piercing the body a million times.

All that need be done is think of you,

gray skies turn blue.

The sun beats down hard on my world.

Lost in time,

remembering hazy days filled with laughter.

Cries of joy when I was little,

the dream will never cripple.

A change of friends,

what was months now feels like minutes..

Lonely I walk without your love to guide me

and give me the strength to carry on,

for the miles are too far and between in this unchanging scene.

I go my way and you go yours.

We’ll continue to hide our love,

tucked away under a blanket, hidden from the world;

hidden away from each other.

Maybe I’m too late,

but this feeling won’t subside.

I can’t get you out of my mind,

your love is still deep inside.

I long to touch you again, but you’re not there.

I long to see the wind blowing you beautiful soft brown hair.

To run through the fields of love.

To have the strength of an Eagle,

and fly with the grace and beauty of a Dove.

My heart calls out for you, but you’re not there.

Another day is beginning,

the sun rises slowly in the East to settle in the West;

in my mind you won’t rest.

Another season slowly dies,

the tears freeze beneath my eyes;

for your love is still deep inside.

Alone without you.

Isolated in a world without boundaries,

my heart calls out for you,

this feeling won’t subside;

maybe I’m too late.

Another winter night is falling,

the stars shine bright in the sky.

Still I wonder where you are,

destiny is calling,

but maybe we are too far.

JvLs 12/95


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