As I walk down these historical hallways,

I can see legends of our time.


Good times, bad times.

Depression, recession.

I can’t help looking up the hallway towards the future

And wonder – does it hold another shinning star?

I can see a bright light,

That we are all guaranteed,

But are there good things to come inside my destiny

Before my death?

It is dark inside these hallways.

Within the candle’s light can be seen silhouettes of armor,

Shields and the great men and women who have died due to the cause.

There are shadows of people who died kneeling  in prayer;

Their life was stricken far too soon due to the cause.

In these windy hallways cab be heard the music makers melodies

Gently flowing in the breeze.

It is softer now,

The loud electric guitar is now a gentle acoustic.

We must all listen to the music.

In the quiet hallways can be seen a mountain of words.

Tales that mean so much, but are never paid attention to.

The tallest mountain of them all.

If only His children would read these words!

They say so much;

Instead we choose to walk through life on a crutch.

I, too, am dying due to the cause, yet is does not matter.

For one day we will all pass away.

Existence forgotten in time.

Without reason, without rhyme.

Simply, quietly forgotten.

Jvls (1984)


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