For Dad


The rain that covered the streets and became part of the distant horizon

Was to be no more in the time it would take to walk a city block.

The beauty of nature’s beast began to show when the sun took a shinning.

All the races immediately began to show their faces./

The evil normally seen began to show its innocence.


The music being played before us, I’m sure you’ve heard through and through,

But not in the same way.

It tells of what life was meant to be, could be, is and what used to be.

The music has a rhythmic flow that puts amazement into the minds and eyes

Of the people in the audience watching the show.


Let me take you to a time when a man stood as a mountain of one.

The greatest orchestra conductor throughout the land.

The music he produced would wrap you up

And take you to unknown canals in your mind.

Down all the dark tunnels, to all the rapid rivers, all the canyons of life.

And when over would leave you in an impressive, tense, wondrous state of being.


To be a part of it, of him, is a silent dream in which only the very best obtain.

Not the already famous – but the unknown that he helps become the best!

The music put forth takes the mind of the listener.

He will always stand as a mountain of one,

For his dream is not to have world fame.

His desire is to bring music to the people,

And to just do the thing he loves most of all.

Bravo Maestro, Bravo! And thank you.

{JvLs 1984}

~Dedicated to Vincent La Selva, the worlds Maestro.   09/17/1929 – 10/09/2017~


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