Ode to the Back Drop

~Ode to the Back Drop~

Looking long over the green meadows

Beneath blue skies

Yonder to the mountains.

Covered in pink majesty as the sun sets on another day in this

Mysterious land we call home.


It is misty out tonight.

Although there is no moon,

The sky is bright.

It is damp and quiet –

The silence is deafening.


Dawn. The sun bursts through the darkness.

The Plains of Abraham are alive today.

Its golden grasses burning in the mid day sun.

I sit here by this glistening river,

A place where I do not tax myself with the notion of what my life,

Or my children’s lives have become.

I search the land and sky for wild things.

Sitting here beside this river and these mountains in all their glory, I am at peace.

At peace with myself. At peace with the world.

I rest within the beauty of all that is around me and I am free.




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